Slow Down, Enjoy Life

  There are so many daily blessings and beautiful moments to enjoy. I often forget to slow down and just drink it all in. It is so easy to sprint through the day and not even notice how many good things are happening. We will all have bad days, but there is something good in... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Doing This

So this post is probably going to be too personal. Oh well, that's what these things are made for, right? Let's go back to middle/high school real quick. I did ballet all through middle school and most of high school. If you've ever done or seen ballet, you probably know how slim and slender the... Continue Reading →

Fitness Journey

I have really been working hard to get myself into a decently strict workout routine. I used to be fairly fit and very active. I did ballet for 12 years and the last 4 years or so I was doing it 5 days a week. It was pretty cray and then I stopped because I... Continue Reading →

Current Favorites: Music

Currently, I'm listening to these songs on repeat! These are my "top 10" favorite songs (for now). These are not in any specific order and they are not all new. I really love each of these songs and had them all on repeat. Music is one of my biggest outlets and I love listening to... Continue Reading →

February Inspiration

So, I have been really trying (for the whole one month we've had so far in to pick one quote a month to try and live by. I really love looking up and finding new quotes. Inspirational sayings are my absolute fav. I have decided to find a scripture too. I have been having... Continue Reading →

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