Weekend Fun

I seem to have started a bit of a family feud!
Apparently I was rooting for the wrong team this weekend!
Oh well! I did it for my friend haha!

Anyways, I got to go see my best friend EVER this weekend and had a lot of fun!
We didn’t get to go to the football game because it was POURING but that’s okay; we just hung out with some of her friends and watched it on TV and ate pizza! 
That’s pretty much all we did this weekend; eat.
I probably consumed at least 20,000 calories! But I was on vacation so who cares right?!

I haven’t seen Amy since the beginning of summer so it was nice to finally see her face again! We didn’t do a whole lot but either way I enjoyed it!
And Tallahassee is so pretty! It’s so green and there are actual hills there! It doesn’t even feel like you’re in Florida when you’re there! And it’s less humid, which is always a good thing!

I really should get a hair cut, but I have anxiety when it comes to cutting my hair…so I always put it off for a really long time! 
I’m also starting to become obsessed with bows! I love them!!
Anyways, overall I would say that this weekend was a success! Full of laughter and full of fun!

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