long time no see .

Wow…it’s been awhile!

I feel like so much has happened this past month!
A lot of big changes and a lot of things that I’ve had to overcome!
Let’s start from the beginning..

1. Yes, I’ve made the decision to go on a mission.

2. No, it is not JUST because my boyfriend is on his.
-that actually has nothing to do with it.

3. I finally got a job!

4. My mom and I made a compromise about me going on a mission!
-I’ll finish a whole year of school! I only have to push it back by two months!

5. I’ve started and almost completed my papers.
-all in one night, might I add.

6. I had to work my first overnight shift.
-It wasn’t too bad, but I do not recommend it.

7. I hit my 3 month mark 

I guess it doesn’t seem like TOO much looking at it now, but it was a lot! Especially the part with my mom..I was super upset about it, but I’ve come to love that compromise even more!

This past week was CRAZY, to say the least! 
I had to work the overnight shift 3 times, and I had to work the day shift; so, my sleep schedule is totally out of whack! 
Oh well!

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