i can do what i want

It’s my birthday.
February 8, 1995.
I turned 19, finally of age to actually be a missionary! 
I woke up and just laid in bed for about an hour. Replying it my texts and opening my “open when” letter from Sonny. 
It was relaxing, at first! and the letter was absolutely perfect. 

I had to work and my feet and back were killing me.
But the manager came up to me and told me they’re cutting hours and so she sent me home.
Yes, I will gladly take my 2 hour drive 3 hours earlier than planned!

After work, I walked around the mall a little, to see if there was anything fancy I could get myself.
I decided on Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate and a cheesecake brownie from Starbucks.
It was delicious!

After I was done at the mall, I started my drive.
I had one of the worst blonde moments in my entire life.
I reminded myself when I got to work that I absolutely had to get gas before I started my drive, because I was most definitely not going to get home on less than a quarter tank.
But, when I got in my car to start my drive I totally spaced about it, and didn’t look at my gas marker thingy until I had been driving for almost an hour.
By this time, I was close to running out. I had to get off the interstate immediately! 
So I started looking for the little gas station signs they have before every exit, and finally found one, just in time too.

So I get gas, then continue my drive. I’m finally back in Bradenton. I had to stop at a pharmacy really fast to get a few things, then I was almost { home }

I walk in the door and my mom was right there to greet me. I love her so much, she is most definitely my best friend. I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the entire world.
We had to go to the store and pick up a few things for the little party we were having. 

Then we get back and my mom gives me my present from her and my dad.
It was a charm for my bracelet. A little kangaroo charm! I love it so much. And it shows even more that my parents support me and love me just the same despite my decision to go on a mission. That was the most special thing about it.
And the card said the most heartfelt and loving things ever.

Later that night a lot of my family came over to eat food and cake and celebrate with me. It was so nice to see everyone and talk and laugh the night away.

The only thing missing was my dad being there and Sonny. But it’s okay, they made sure it was the most special one yet, from afar.
I love my family so very much and I know they love me too. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary with this birthday but it was one of the most special one’s I’ve ever had.

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