temple tours

i know it’s not the same as going inside the temple, but i think it can be just as uplifting (i probably wont think that in two-ish weeks though) 
but still, i just love the temple grounds. it is so comforting to just walk around and feel the spirit. i really love seeing everything. when i’m on the temple grounds, it just seems like all the flowers are brighter, the grass is greener, the sky is bluer and more mesmerizing, and the temple itself is just spectacular and perfect in every way.
i really cannot wait until the day i get to go inside. that day is coming so fast. in just 20 short days, i get to go inside and see the temple in all its glory! i finally get to learn and understand and just take it all in. i am just so excited.
as soon as i see it, i automatically am speechless. i just love to look at it and be close to it. when i move, i definitely have to make sure the temple is as close as possible haha. but forreals, i already love it there.
the day i get to go inside is going to be amazing.

march 15, 2014. that is my day. and nothing else in the world matters. it is going to be beautiful and so amazing. i already know it.

i definitely have a few favorites haha. everyone does, whether they admit it or not!
definitely not in any order, but i cant wait to visit them all!

 fort lauderdale, fl.

 houstin, tx.

 logan, ut. (the one i will be sealed in)

 manhattan, ny.

 mount timpanogos, ut.

 salt lake city, ut.

washington dc.

 guayaguil, equador.

 las angeles, ca.

 oakland, ca.

 tegucigalpa, honduras.

 toronto, ontario. 

vancouver british columbia. 

sorry if that was overwhelming. i have a lot of favorites haha. i would love to go to any and all of them though. and one day maybe i’ll visit at least a few of these!

and if you’re interested in knowing/learning more about these sacred places, just click here.



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