the best

sundays are for sure my favorite days. they are so uplifting and make me so happy. i know that it is so important for me right now, and also, for future me, to go to church and learn all that i can. it’s important for my happiness, wellbeing, spirituality, and so i can become closer and closer to my Heavenly Father. 

i know it’s absolutely crazy that we { mormons } go to church for three whole hours. like what?
why so long? what could you possibly be doing for three hours?
well we have different classes, each hour has a different teacher and has a different message. we split up differently each hour. for a more in depth answer you can click here.
i know that we all have our own busy lives, but i also know that if we can just put aside sometime each day, specifically for Heavenly Father, we will be greatly blessed.

i love this church and know that it is true with all my heart and all my soul. the spirit testifies it to me everyday in some way. i know when i’m doing something good or making the right choices; because, i will have such an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling, burning in my bosom. and it goes the other way too, if i’m doing something bad, or not even bad, just not something that would not allow me to feel the spirit and grow, that great feeling goes away. once that feeling is gone, it is fairly easy to get it back again, but we have to truly repent and when we repent, we are telling Heavenly Father not only sorry, but that we will try our absolute best to avoid doing it again.
i cant wait to start my mission and bring others closer to our Heavenly Father, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to wait until then to start! no, i’m going to do my very best to be a member missionary. i love this church so much and i want all of God’s children to know just how much they mean to Him, and just how much He loves them! it is so exciting when someone will really listen to you! i don’t want to just sit there and preach to people, i want to teach them and have them truly understand that this is the true church, and this is the way Heavenly Father wants us to go. it makes me so happy to see people willing to learn and accept these teachings. 

we had a baptism today, and it reminded me so much of my own baptism. the spirit was so strong and he was so happy. he was so prepared and ready to receive the message. it is so humbling to see someone admit that this is true and the moment they do, it seems like a light is turned on. they just have a glow. even before they’re baptized. once they realize this is true and that this is the way, and they are willing to accept and act on it, their smile seems bigger.

i love sundays. they truly are the best, not just because we get the great blessing to attend church, but because we also receive the sacrament, and have beautiful people to teach us beautiful lessons. it is a time to learn and a time to relax. sundays are recovery days and preparation days. it is time to rest up for the coming week, and to learn and come closer to our Father in Heaven.

so blessed.



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