the knowles family

she’s my hero. my mother. my best friend. my favorite person. my go-to with absolutely everything. my best advice giver.
i dont know what i’m going to do for the next year and a half without her { or the rest of my family } just a phone call or short drive away…i know that i’m doing the right thing, it’s just going to be hard at first.
she is such a beautiful person and such a role model. i know that i haven’t been the perfect daughter. i’ve disappointed her, yelled at her, and hurt her more times than i’d ever like to admit. but that’s why God made her my mom. He knew that no matter what i did, she would always love me and embrace me. i have been so blessed to have such a loving family.
my dad is so amazing and he would do anything to make sure i’m doing well and that i’m always protected. i know that no matter what is wrong, he will be my shoulder to cry on. he is always there for me. he will always make time for me. he is goofy and silly, but he knows when to be serious. he is the rock and the other half of the solid foundation this family is built on. he will cry with me, no matter how stupid it may be, he’ll laugh with me/at me, no matter how stupid that may be haha.

{ some people say they’re a momma’s girl, some say they’re a daddy’s girl. but honestly, i can’t choose. my parents are both amazing and i could talk to either of them about anything. sure, they give different advice and have different reactions, but i would go to either of them. they’re so great and i respect them as my parents, but i also see them as more than just a mom and dad, i see them as best friends, the closest and bestest of friends. }

my brothers, they’re a different story haha.
each of them is different. i love them all so much. i know that no matter how far away we may be, they will always have my back. they would do anything for me. i know they aren’t perfect, but they’re mine. i don’t care what they may do or what mistakes they may make. i love them just the same and i will always stick up for them. family is stronger than anything. they’re my blood. my friends. my people. the ones that will be there when everyone else is gone.
if you mess with one of us, you better expect all of us. i’ve got 5 of them. and one is my guardian angel, he can do damage without you even knowing. hehe, i’ve got protection from all angles
i have the best family, we are just as dysfunctional as anyone else. we are perfect in our imperfections. but we have each other. always. through thick and thin. it’s all of us. forever.

clearly, my dad is the coolest. ^^

louis and john.

sam and i.

 louis and i.

and of course, satch and i. love and miss you always bro <3

and then there’s lawrence. i don’t have a picture of him, but he is awesome. i love him!

families are the greatest blessings, no matter what.



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