a whole year

March 3rd, 2013. wow, that day was scary/intense/the greatest day ever, to say the least!
looking back it honestly seems so silly. i remember i had to sneak out of my house and have Sonny pick me up, to take me to church, because my mom took my keys. my parents [ mostly mom ] did everything they could to prevent it from happening. but i knew that this is true and i knew it was exactly what i needed to do.
i can’t believe it’s been a whole year since that day! it’s crazy to see how far i’ve come! 
>> i entered the waters exactly one year ago. 
and i can honestly say, it is one of the greatest decisions i’ve ever made. it was also one of the hardest. it was so easy once i knew it was true, but it was so hard once i told my parents. they hated the idea of me being mormon. 
i got every reason in the book. it was a cult. they still believe in polygamy. they don’t honor Mary or the saints. they believe we can all be gods. they’re way too secretive. 
i heard it all. and it’s funny because none of that is true! but it was hard to explain through the yelling and the tears. 
anyways, i know that i made the right choice, and i also know that i am doing what the Lord needs me to do.

it took me 4 months to learn that the church was true, 4 months to learn enough to know it was the right place for me. when you know, you know. 
i got kicked out of my house a few times, just for a few days at a time though. and i got the cold shoulder from my parents for what seemed like forever. it was so hard and there were some very hurtful things thrown my way. 
but looking back, i laugh. my parents and i have never been closer than we are right now, despite everything that has happened. the Lord works in great ways and most of the time we don’t really see it! it is so amazing that he does so much for me! my parents aren’t huge fans of the church, but they accept and love me. that is really all i could ask for. my mom is my best friend, and i couldn’t imagine having to go through life without her being that. my dad is my number one fan and my biggest supporter, and i don’t know what i would do if i ever lost that.

i know that this church is true and i know that i am exactly where i need to be. doing what i need to be doing. 
when i first got baptized, going on a mission was out of the question. but here i am, getting my endowments in 12 days, and going on a mission in 107. i cannot wait. i have never been this excited for something! i know that i’m going where i’m needed and that the things i will be teaching are true! 
it is such a blessing and such a saving grace to know that i am fulfilling God’s plan for me.

i love this church and i love that everything fits together. it is all perfect in every way. the church and it’s teachings are perfect, the people are not. and that’s okay! we’re not supposed to be perfect, we’re just supposed to try our very hardest to live like Jesus did.

i am eternally grateful to those who helped me get this far, and those who were there for me every step of the way. and especially those who taught me and brought me to the gospel! 
you da best!

>> so grateful for this kid! 
>> one of the greatest days ever!

  >> the day i got my call to go to Australia Sydney South!!



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