sugar’s been a long time coming.
i eat way too much sugar and need to go without, so i can get back in my healthy habits!
i’m actually pretty excited to start this! natural sugars are obviously okay, you can still eat fruit haha.
but no cookies, cake, candy, sugary drinks, or any other sugary snacks! 
the time to get healthy is now! no more putting it off!

i’m going to take some before and after pictures, just to see how much of a difference it makes!
i have some tips for anyone who wants to join me on this!

you can do it for either 21 or 30 days! i’m going to start with 21, and if that is going really well i’ll keep going until 30.

1. be ready. try to plan your meals, it helps a lot to have pre-preped snacks for when you start having cravings.
2. don’t count your calories for these days. just worry about eating healthy foods.
3. eat fats. good fats obviously. live avocado, nuts, and stuff like that. it helps replace the sugar. and it is much easier to digest than sugar.
4. carbs. eat lots of fruits and veggies that have carbs. avoid the starchy carbs.
5. after the detox, keep eating those meals you really liked. this is to make good habits and break old, bad ones.
6. you will have withdrawals. it’ll happen probably 3-4 days in. and will start to go away by day 7-8. you will experience headaches and they will get worse before they get better.
7. water. drink more than you usually do. your body will be throwing off nasty toxins and water helps flush out your system.
8. caffeine is not a substitute. avoid putting caffeine in the place of the sugar you used to eat.
9. don’t start a new crazy exercise regime. just keep doing what you were doing. detoxing is stressful for the body and doesn’t need to be any harder.
10. don’t give up! it will get hard and it isn’t supposed to be easy! if you mess up and eat something sugary, don’t give up, just keep going like you didn’t even do it. you’re not supposed to be perfect, just try your hardest.

well here goes nothing! let’s see how i do.



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