staying up til 3am deleting and adding songs to my ipod is something i greatly regret this morning..but something i will greatly appreciate when i go listen to my music.
all the music i have ever bought was on my ipod because icloud sharing was turned on…i had no idea that was even a thing.
so i re-downloaded the songs i wanted and deleted the ones i didn’t! then i turned off icloud sharing.
i went from 1072 songs to 483 songs. my iPod is much happier! and so am i!
i got all the old rap, alternative, and pop off! and now it’s half country and a good mix of everything else!
the breakdown of my iPod goes a little like this..
>> 220 country songs
>> 46 pop
>> 41 rock
>> 34 alternative
>> 16 rap { strictly for working out }
>> 126 other { reggae, christian, soundtrack, r&b, world, etc }

now life is good, i’m a happy camper, and i can enjoy my music much more!

no more skipping 30 songs to find one that i still like 🙂



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