i’m getting “trunky” and i haven’t even left yet!

i haven’t been in the water since August 2013..like what? for a knowles, that’s unheard of! what has my life come to?
i made it a goal to go fishing when i came to btown this time…well turns out, all the fishing poles are broken, just my luck. so i decided to take my nephews to the beach instead. even though i hate the beach. i figured it’s the next best thing, when i can’t go on the boat.

it was pretty fun! and it was nice to have my toes in the sand, salt on my skin, and the warm sun on my skin. oh how the water has been missing in my life.

a trip to the keys is definitely an absolute must. and soon!

only 5 days until i enter the temple! and 100 days until i leave for the MTC. i seriously cannot wait! it’ll be the adventure and experience of a lifetime 🙂



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