oh, hey.

i’ve been so mia lately..there has just been so much going on.

i feel like i’ve been so busy..yet, somehow, not busy at all. does that make sense? probably not. oh well.

so first things first..sonny and i are officially over. we have been for over a month now. we talked everything out and came to a mutual agreement. we need to respect each other and he needs to focus on his mission, while i focus on what i need to be doing.
we started as best friends so there’s no reason to be immature about this. we will probably be friends, but for now, i know it’s hard. who knows what will happen.

i’ve gone on a few dates. but now i’m dating this one guy and he’s so great. soooo, that’s pretty great!

i’ve been going back and forth between orlando, bradenton, and key west a lot lately. and it’s great, but also kind of hard. it’s wayyy too much to explain tonight though.

the temple has become my top priority. i try to go every week, twice a week, if i can. it is such a blessing to live so close and to be able to go whenever i want/need to.

things just seem to be crazy right now. my mind is going in so many different directions. i know it will all work out though. my path isn’t too clear right now, but at the same time, it’s very clear..kind of confusing..i know.

but there is so much more i have to say. that will have to come later though, after my meeting on sunday..then comes the real update.

(sorry for the picture overload)

so stay posted!


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