it is quite wonderful

today i left my apartment at around 3pm and didn’t get back until 8:30 or so. and what was i doing? just exploring orlando and being a photographer for the day.
i started over by lake eola, which is in the downtown area, and ended up all the way on the other side in eustis, i think. to be honest, i’m not even sure where i was half the time.
all i know is it was beautiful outside. it was so nice to just drive around, listen to music, and clear my mind for a bit.

i may have used up a little too much gas, but it was totally worth it.

 >>i really wish that i had someone sitting on the bench, or that it wasn’t there.

it was such a beautiful day, even though it was a bit stormy, it made the sky so much prettier.

God is so good and i am so grateful for this place that i live in. i know that He loves me so much, and even though we all go through rough times, it is only because we are doing so well, and it is time for us to do some more growing. He is my strength and my rock. He is leading me on the straight and narrow, and even though i’m not entirely sure where i’m going, i know that i won’t be lead astray. Christ will always be walking beside me, shoulder to shoulder.
i know that my Redeemer lives and loves me. i know that the atonement is real and that my sins can be forgiven, only because Jesus Christ died for me. it is such a wonderful time to be alive. make the best of it. go on adventures, make friends that you can make memories with, love one another. life is really too short to be anything but happy.

 Psalm 9:10  And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.



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