numero uno

i know, i know…i’m a day late and a dollar short. but my dad doesn’t know how to use the internet, so he’ll never know!

alright, sappy Father’s Day post starts now…

..well, i’m not sure where to even start! my dad has truly been my best friend since the very start. i was homeschooled until 7th grade, so i got to spend a lot of time with my parents, and all my family. 

at the time, i hated it. but as i get older, i realize what a blessing it was. i am so close with my family because of it, and i truly am grateful for the time i was able to spend with my grandparents, cousins, and my own parents. 
while i was little, probably until i was 10 or so, my dad would always be on the phone. my parents owned their own business, so it was a bit inevitable. i absolutely hated it though. i wanted their undivided attention at all times. but that just wasn’t how it worked. they were still always there though. and they were always listening, i just never knew.
and i’m also so grateful for the time i was homeschooled because my dad and i got to go on the boat, just him and i, almost everyday until i was about 8. i cherish those days so much.

i have such a close and great relationship with both my parents. i couldn’t be happier with the way my family is.

but back to my dad, i love him oh so much. he has always been my #1 supporter. he always pays extra to sit front row at all my dance recitals. he never missed a swim meet. he will go out of his way, always, to make sure i’m always happy and always comfortable. he would give me his last penny, if it meant he could see me smile. 

i know that he loves me so much, and i can only hope that he knows i love him as much as i possibly can. 
he has always been someone i can talk to, no matter how sensitive the subject may be. 
most people describe their dad as the bread-winner, the tough one, or the “manly man.” and while, yes, my dad is all those things, he is also sensitive, and loving, and tender. 
i don’t have to just go to him when i need him to straighten out a boy that hurt me, or to help me with the difficult stuff. i can go to him with an emotional problem. he may not be able to give the same advice as my mom, but he can sure hug and comfort me better than anyone else.
right now, he isn’t doing to well, and it breaks my heart. i can only pray that he will get better and be his happy and usual self again soon. 

when i think about my dad, i think about the times he would walk into the kitchen, stop for a moment and look around at me and whoever else was around, and just start singing and dancing. 

he is probably one of the funniest people i know. that must be where i get it from 😉

i love coming to town for weekends because seeing him just brightens my day. seeing all my family does, but there is no bond like the father-daughter bond we share. it can never be replaced! 

i love my daddy with my whole heart. he’s always numero uno in my book..that can never change <3



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