wise words.

life lately has been a bit overwhelming.
school is crazy. so much homework, I feel like that’s all I do lately. but oh well #collegestatus

as you can tell, I kind of gave up on that 30-day challenge thing..oh well. I don’t have time for that right now.
as overwhelming and tough this week has been, there are still so many things that I’m grateful for.
last weekend I was able to go to Bradenton for the long weekend and it was so fun. Hammy came with me and got to meet my family and that went well. we all went on the boat and to the beach and just had a ton of fun. but it was hard to come back to Orlando. I’m not sure why it was just harder than usual.
I have such a love/hate relationship with Bradenton right now. I love coming here to see my family and stuff, but I don’t like being here. all the memories of my dad come back and it’s just more real when I’m here. and I want to have those memories and remember, it just makes it harder. then leaving Bradenton is hard too. I want to just stay with my family sometimes, but I have to go to school and have my own life and blah blah blah.
that probably didn’t make any sense..it’s just a weird thing and hard to explain.

I’m glad I have such great friends in Orlando though. and ham, he has been so good to and for me. and he doesn’t mind my awful mood swings haha, he just makes me laugh, then it’s all good.

I’ve been finding some great quotes lately, though, and they have really helped me have a better attitude.

 sorry, there are so many..that’s what happens when I don’t write anything for a few weeks, or however long it’s been.

they’ve just helped me a lot on those extra rough/stressful days.
wise words to help us get through.



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