hello again

I don’t really know why I stopped blogging…or writing at all.
it has always been my outlet and my way of dealing with stress.
whatever, I’ll get back into it I’m sure. I hope.

everything just seems to escalate sometimes. 
I’ll be doing really well, and all the sudden..boom! it hits me all at once.
like school. when the semester started, I threw myself into my classes much more than I ever had before. and now, I’m starting to fade.
but, I can’t. I need to keep it up and keep doing all the things I have been. 
my dad’s death definitely affected me. I needed something to put all my time and effort in, and that was school. I worked harder than I ever had before and pushed myself way harder than usual. 
and now, I’m just starting to really feel it. 
gotta make him proud, so I gotta just push on through it.

I just feel like everything is crashing down sometimes, and I need someone to help me hold it all up in place. 
hamilton does that, though, he helps keep me stay focused on what’s really important. he doesn’t let me stay too stressed, and when I do get stressed, he makes sure to keep my mind off everything. and I don’t think he realizes how grateful I am for that! 

this post really isn’t going anywhere..it’s just me getting started again, I guess…



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