catch up

alright. it’s been a little while..okay, maybe a little longer than that.
there’s just been so much going on. and honestly there probably aren’t very many of you out there that wait for my posts haha.
anyways, life’s been a little crazy since I last posted. and I’m really not even sure where to start!
let’s start with what’s happened since my last post.
so I left off in November. I’ll just skip ahead to December. it was Christmas and it was the first Christmas without my dad and the first Christmas with hamilton. it was a little bittersweet and it’s hard to really decipher what emotions I was feeling. we (my mom, Sammy, Vinnie, hamilton, and i) went to Michigan for the holiday and it was very nice.
I love spending time with my family and I am so glad hamilton got to meet more of my family. my brother, john, lives there with his family (Rebecca, his wife, Jami, Grace, and Scarlet, his 3 girls). I’m closest with john, so it was important that hamilton met him. plus we went skiing and we totally rocked it. it’s going to be our secret hobby haha.
here are some little tidbits of other things we did.

we went to Disney and saw the Osborne lights. it’s probably one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. I just love seeing all the Christmas lights! plus they have some that dance to the music. it’s just so fun and really puts me in the Christmas spirit! maybe it’ll be our own little tradition.

we went to the nutcracker. we went to the one that is in Bradenton, put on my the Bradenton ballet repertory. it’s the company I was in for many years. it was fun to see everyone and see the changes too.

weddddiiinnngggssss. are so fun. we got to go to our friend’s wedding and it was so cute! it was so fun and I love seeing the happy couple 🙂 plus weddings make me soo excited! 😉

January was one heck of a month! school started and I was back at work. there was a lot to do after a nice two-week break from it all. I was originally signed up for 5 classes (that’s how many I took last semester and did pretty well) and ended up dropping 2, so I’m only taking 3 classes now. which is okay. it was probably for the best because this semester is going to be a crazy one! 
on January 18th, hamilton proposed!!!! I am so excited about that! I can’t wait to marry this man of mine. he is so wonderful and good to me.  (don’t worry, I’ll post a gushy, lovey post later)
then on the 19th, we had a little celebratory lunch with some friends. 
I also found out I had to move out of my place by February 8th, and I was in a bit of a pinch to find a new place. 
I had a bunch of ideas that all fell through, then a very nice lady in hamilton’s parent’s ward offered me one of her spare bedrooms. and that worked out perfectly! 

can’t wait to marry him!
now that you’re all caught up, I’ll try to post more regularly! it’s good for me to do that anyways 🙂



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