January 18, 2015. oh that cherished day. the day that marks the day i promised to marry the love of my life. the day that starts it all.

it was a Sunday. Sundays are pretty much always great. it had been a little bit of a rough week for us. we hadn’t been fighting, but there were some hurt feelings. Thursday night is date night and so the Thursday before we did something, then our plan was to go light off the lanterns. it was raining so we waiting until it stopped. he was acting super lovey. not in a bad way at all, it was suspicious is all. to be honest i thought he was going to propose that night.
we start driving and all these emotions come out and we’re talking about our worries and fears. it was good that we had that talk, it just wasn’t expected and there were a few things said that maybe shouldn’t have been. so after that we were both trying to be nice but also talk about anything that may have hurt the other person. 
we had worked through that little bump and it was a good growing experience for us. 

i decided that we needed to do something fun and sweet so i suggest that we go light off the lanterns. he said that we definitely should but we should go somewhere else this time (we had done it once before). i agreed. we made the plan to go light off the lanterns and bring blankets to watch the stars after. we had everything we needed in the car already. it was already dark when we made these plans and were pretty close to the park where we would light off the lanterns. but he insisted that he needed to go home to get something. i didn’t argue, he was driving so if he wanted to drive to the other side of town to drive right back again, that was up to him! 
we get to his house and he gets a jacket. in my head I’m thinking that he’s being a weirdo. 
next thing i know, we’re on our way. he kept messing with his pocket on the way there. interesting…
we pull into the parking lot and there are a few cars there. 
it isn’t really a park. its on the water and you have to walk through the woods to get there, but there is an empty field on the other side, no one really goes over there. 
so we grab the blankets, lanterns, and whatever else we needed and walked on over. we walk so that we aren’t too close to the parking lot and so that the headlights wouldn’t be shining in our faces if people were to come or go. 
we lay out the blankets and get the lanterns ready. he said he wanted to light his off first, so i hold his lantern while he lights it. i accidentally tore a hole in his, so we had to make sure that it actually flew away and didn’t fall to the ground a start a fire haha. it didn’t, so we’re good! then he holds my lantern while i light it off. we just stood there for awhile hugging and watching them fly away. we stood there until we couldn’t see them anymore. we didn’t say a whole lot. he said, “you’re perfect.” and then we just looked at each other for a little bit. we kissed and he said, “hey Jackie, guess what?!”
now, that is something he always says before he’s going to fart. so i got a little annoyed and just said, “what?”
and he literally jumped down onto one knee and said, “will you marry me?”
i start smiling and laughing a little. i obviously said yes! 
that’s my man, always keeping me on my toes haha.
so after that we just laid there. he said we weren’t allowed to leave until one of us saw a shooting star. we ended up seeing 3 that night. we laid there for an hour or maybe more. it was so nice and i just couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

he had talked to my mom a few weeks earlier to ask her permission, so i called her right when we got to the car and told her! then i texted all my brothers and aunts and friends. not everyone was as excited as i was. they think I’m too young and throwing away my youth. i know that this is the right decision. i love hamilton more than i could ever explain and i know what it’s like to think your going to marry someone. that isn’t what I’m feeling. I’ve spent time with my Heavenly Father in prayer to find out if this is truly what he wants for me, and I’ve gotten my answer. i may be young, but i know what i want and i know that what i am doing is right for me.

i can’t wait to be Mrs. Birkeland. it’s so exciting and wonderful! June 18, 2015 can’t come soon enough!



i love him more and more each day. we may annoy each other sometimes, but despite that, we work through it. he comforts me when i need it, and i comfort him when he does. we’re there for each other.



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