this whole wedding planning thing is really starting to get to me…
I am so in love with hamilton, and I’m getting overwhelmed and stressed with everything. causing me to be a bit on edge…
he’s really been so good to me through all of this, though!

if we could, we would just go to the temple tomorrow to get sealed, butttttt its kind of important that family and such can attend and be there with us, so we will not be doing that.
there is just so much planning and small, minor details that don’t even matter, but they are supposed to be done. and I love small details, but when planning on my own, they get a little old.

I am so grateful for my friends. they help me stay on track and tell me when I’m being too crazy or lax with some of my ideas, and that is greatly appreciated.
I am especially grateful for hamilton. he is so loving and so wonderful. he really has no opinion about half of this stuff, and that can get a little frustrating. but why should he care about what our cake stand looks like? I barely even care…
anyways. I’m just a little over planning this wedding.

the crafting is pretty fun, though. I feel like I’ll be ready to craft and DIY my future babies room like a pro now…I’ll be a true diy Mormon momma…one day (sorry chelly girl)

xoxo, jacquelyn

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