it's been a while

hey, there blogger. it’s been a little while since I’ve posted.
life’s been crazy and I’ve been dealing with quite a bit.
married life is amazing as ever and honestly just keeps getting better.
life in my head hasn’t been quite as good. I’ve been dealing with depression.
it has been getting better, but not totally better. I’ve decided to start blogging again because writing has always been an outlet for me.
hopefully, this will help me out a little bit.
anyways, life has been a little wild.
hamilton and I moved back to my hometown and I am so happy here.
we went to Tennessee for a week and that was such an amazing trip. I haven’t adventured that much in a long time.
hamilton’s older brother and his older sister both got married in July. a week apart.
my brother came from Michigan, with his family, for a couple weeks. that was so fun and it was so nice to spend time with them.
I have stopped taking all prescription medicine and I honestly feel so much better.
my body feels better, I am super tired all the time, but that’s just my totally out of whack with my sleeping schedule.
hamilton has a super awesome job with a mangrove cutting company, he’s really starting to like that. and I am working at a boutique on the island.
ohhh and we went to another twenty-one pilots concert, andddd it was even more amazing than the first time |-/
I am so overwhelmed with the beauty that I’ve seen this summer. I am so amazing with the world and all the amazing things it holds. I want to travel everywhere.
xoxo, jacquelyn claire

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