our house is a home

it has taken 3 months but I finally unpacked the last couple of boxes.
to be fair, they were just boxes of books that were very difficult for me to pick up because of how heavy they were…
anyways, we have our bookshelves in our kitchen by our table because that’s where they fit the best. and all the books are finally put out and the final boxes are empty!!
it is slowly but surely turning more and more into a home and I love being a lil homemaker. it makes me so happy to have everything clean and tidy and in its place. and to cook dinner for my husband. 
it gives me such joy to have my husband come home after a long work day to a clean home and dinner coming soon.
hamilton got a new job a few weeks ago with an arborist and he works 6 days a week and usually is gone for 10+ hours a day. I miss seeing his face as much as I used to, but he likes his job a lot, and I’m glad that he’s happy.
we also added a new member to our family. we have a dog! his name is bowzer and he is a pitbull and he is the absolute sweetest boy ever. I love him and I think he really makes our family complete (for now)
I have always had a dog at my house, but the past 3 years I haven’t, and it makes me so happy! I love him and he loves us too. we adopted him from the shelter probably a month and a half or so ago, and our little family feels so much more complete now 🙂

 he’s definitely ferocious, I know.

our little cuddle monster
 isn’t our place so cute? I love it
oh and bowzer ate his first shoe today..and yes, it was hamiltons favorite shoe.
I guess that means I have to replace them at some point
xoxo, jacquelyn

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