this guy.

I have the most amazing and most supportive husband. he is so good to me.
I am nowhere near perfect and struggle to be the best I can be.
hamilton is so loving and caring towards me. I have had too many breakdowns to count and I lash out too often, yet he somehow finds ways to handle my attitude.
it can be difficult for me to deal with all the emotions that go through my mind.

I can’t say enough good things about him.
he is so loving.
he is so amazing with my nieces and nephews, it just makes me excited to have children with him.
he is the hardest worker I know.
he is also the goofiest person I know.
we are constantly laughing.
he makes my cheeks hurt from how much he makes me smile.
I love how he pushes me to be better every day.
he pushes me to accomplish my goals.
he talks with me about my crazy dreams I have for our future.
he will watch my beauty youtube videos with me.
he builds me up every single day.
he never lets me win games, which I hate sometimes, but it does make me try harder to use my brain haha.
he can have fun doing absolutely anything.
he will travel anywhere and everywhere with me.

and so so much more.

one of the first pictures of us. he made me go to this dance, but we had so much fun
this is his favorite picture of us from before we were dating
engagement photos with the best photographer ever!
our first concert together. the best time ever!
can we just appreciate this water for a minute??

 PDA because I don’t care


 picture overload, as usual.

xoxo, jacquelyn

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