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so, as i’m sure pretty much anyone who actually reads this blog knows, my dad passed away june 31, 2014. however, before that happened i had a pretty good routine going. i was working out at least 4 days a week, usually more, eating decently well, doing really well in school, very active in church, and my life was pretty much put together. 
when my dad passed away my whole life got put on hold. i lost motivation to do much. i threw myself into my school work, but that’s really it. i made sure to hang out with my friends as much as i could so i wasn’t alone.

anyways, fast forward a few months and i started to work out again. i always kept my eating habits at least decent. i still loved my donuts and cookies, but i was sure to get in my fruits and veggies. i was really good at choosing healthier options when i was out to eat. i wasn’t quite back into my old habits, but i was getting there.

all in the mix i met hamilton and we just fell in love. we were engaged and just about a month away from our wedding when my brother passed away. Sam passed away on may 22, 2015, which, in my family, is already a special day. my other brother, Satch, was born on may 22, and he also passed away, but in october of 2002 or 2003, i cant remember which year exactly. anyways, after that i really lost all ambition. i stopped caring about what i was eating or whether i was working out or anything at all. 

i got super depressed and honestly i am still dealing with all of that. i was prescribed antidepressants, but i stopped taking them. it helped me at first, but i just didn’t like having to take a pill everyday and i would rather do things in a more natural way. and that was probably between 4 and 6 months. soooo it has taken me a little while to get motived and actually start.
i cant tell you how many times i said…
-i’ll start tomorrow
-i’ll just start taking long walks, we have a dog anyways so that’ll be easy.
-i’ll just start eating healthier, that’ll help 
-monday, monday is the perfect day to start, i’ll start on that day. 

i made every excuse for myself. i felt awful about myself. i was depressed about things that had happened (not good…don’t focus on the past, unless you’re remembering the good things)
i have a bit of an issue with that, i tend to focus on what used to be and how much i miss it, or people. which is only natural. 

sorry, getting off topic.
fast forward until about three days ago (i know you probably expected me to say 3 months ago). i got tired of not liking how i look or how i felt. i had been trying my best to cook the best meals i could for the past 4 months or so. i really would just incorporate more fruits and veggies and took out the bread or starches, and i try to use “superfoods” like kale, spinach, blueberries, and things like that. 

i make smoothies, quinoa, soups, chicken, etc. etc. 
i did some research, and by research i mean i typed in workout in my app store and downloaded the first 5 free apps to see which one i liked. and honestly i found one that i really like and that i would recommend to anyone who is trying to start up a workout routine but doesn’t know where to start. it’s the Nike+ Training app. basically you enter all your info. height, weight, end goal (toning, weight loss, strength training, etc.), tools you have, if any, if you work out all the time or if you are just starting. 
it’s really cool and once you’ve entered all the info, it generates a 5 week plan for you, and you also enter how many times a week you want to work out.

for example, i entered my height and weight, i said i want to tone and that i want to workout 4-5 times a week. i said i am a beginner and then after these 5 weeks, i will see where i am and how i am feeling about everything and then i’ll see if i’ll do beginner or intermediate for the next 5 weeks. 

 i also use one more app. and yes, i did the exact same thing to find this app haha. it’s called YAZIO it’s a calorie counter. basically you just type in height, weight, and goal weight. after you enter all that, it tells you how many calories to eat everyday to get where you want to get. you also enter in your workout or any exercise for that day, so even if you just walk around at work all day, you’d enter that. i’ve only been using this one for 1 day, but i really like it so far, plus it’s free! can’t get any better. you can upgrade this app and pay monthly for it, but honestly, i don’t see why you would need to, unless you want to know everything more in depth. i’m just tracking my calories so i don’t need to upgrade.

i’m no expert, but i am loving the changes that i’m making. even though it’s only been a few days, i already feel so much better. i truly believe that if you are struggling with sleep or depression, regular exercise can really really help. and just a better diet will really make you feel so much better.
even when i was in my funk and not working out at all, hamilton and i loved to longboard and we would try to do that at the very least once a week. even just doing that helped me a lot. 

i don’t always have a lot to say, but i appreciate anyone who actually reads these posts. and if anyone else is struggling, i’d love to talk, or just listen.

xoxo, jacquelyn claire

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