2016 recap

Camping in Apalachicola was by far my favorite thing! It was my first real camping experience and I am hooked. We just drove all through the forest and stumbled upon some of the most amazing places.

WEDDINGS! 2016 was the year of weddings! Many of Ham’s friends got married and so did a couple of his siblings!2016 was also the year of beachin it up. We got tanner than ever and spent most of the first half of the year at the beach.My momma graduated her LPN class. She is still in school for nursing and doing so well. Such an amazing role model.We moved to Bradenton! I am from here. Born and raised. It was so amazing and so good for me to move back here. It was something I needed to do for my soul and I am so happy we’re here for now.Spend a good week or two with all my nieces and nephews. My brother and his fam came down in the summer. I love when they’re here because I definitely don’t see them enough.Ham’s oldest sister got married in July and it was such a beautiful and elegant wedding! There was so much love and I am so happy to be apart of this family.Got to see Twenty One Pilots for the second time and it was AMAZING. We had such great seats and it was such a fun time.Ham’s oldest brother got married a week and a half later and it was such a fun wedding! It was a very small wedding, which made it so intimate and personal. It was such a wonderful day to be a part of.I tried to only post a few of these photos, but I couldn’t pick! We got to spend a whole week in Tennessee after the wedding and it was so beautiful. I have developed a love for hiking and it definitely started with this trip. I haven’t felt so close to nature in my life. It was so peaceful and so beautiful. It made me feel so small but so free and I can’t wait to go on so many more adventures.I have seen some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in my entire life this year.We adopted a pup. We love him so much and he fills our life with laughter and so much joy. He makes things a little stressful at some times because he is still a puppy and likes to eat EVERYTHING…including our nephew’s bed…Again…SO many weddings! But I’m not complaining. We love weddings so much! Dancing, food, and so much love, what more do you need.

We spent Thanksgiving with Ham’s family and we went camping. It was tons of fun and it had been awhile since our last camping trip, so this just made my love of nature grow so much more. I am happiest when I’m out camping or hiking or just laying down looking up at the trees.

We went to Disney almost every month and I loved it!

Sorry for the overload of pictures! 2016 was an amazing year. I know a lot of people had a rough year and some bad things happened, but I had a wonderful year and wouldn’t change a thing. I have really come to know myself so much better this year and I know what things I want and what I want to do.
I know 2017 will be even better because we have a better grip on what is going to happen and what we want.
If you made it to the end, thanks for stickin it out haha.
xoxo, Jacquelyn

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