Palatka Camping


For Christmas, Hamilton and I decided we would take my mom and nephews camping. So we came up with a date and decided we would go for the first 3 day weekend in January! It was such an awesome trip. Plus Ham’s sister ended up coming too and that was so fun!

We went camping at Rodman Campground and it was the most beautiful campsite I have been to yet. I think it’s my favorite because it isn’t as cleared out as other sites. There are so many trees and still some pretty thick brush everywhere, which makes the sites pretty closed off from everyone else’s, which is pretty nice when camping with a dog.

I honestly don’t like to have a solid plan when I’m camping. I usually just do some research on the area and pick out a couple things that I MUST do! So for this trip, I found Ravine Gardens State Park. That was the only state park really close to us, and the pictures were absolutely beautiful! So the first full day, that’s where we went. Once we had been back at the site for awhile and rested a little, we drove down the street where our campsite was and I was in awe with what we found! As we drove down, there was a huge river, or lake or some sort of body of water. The shore was just all dead trees, and we could tell they had been there for a long time. It made for some awesome pictures, plus it was so gorgeous. We climbed way out onto the trees, and I was amazed at how thick the trees were! I would like to know where they came from. A little further down the road was a dam. It wasn’t huge, but it was the biggest one I’ve seen!

The next day we just drove down SR 19, which goes through the entire Ocala National Forest. We just looked for hiking trails or random dirt roads to drive down. We found a couple, and they were some of the prettiest trails I’ve ever seen!

I am so grateful that we are able to take these trips and have the flexibility to take off work. I love hiking these trails and sleeping in the woods, especially in my hammock (which is WAY more comfy than I thought it would be!). And an added bonus is that the food always tastes better when your camping!

xoxo, Jacquelyn

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