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These are just a few things that I really feel help build up my husband. As a woman, I feel like my husband goes so out of his way to make sure I feel beautiful and loved, but I don’t do that as much for him. I really think it is something that many of us women don’t do for the men in our lives, and that makes sense. It isn’t something that we are told we should do. It isn’t something people tell you when you ask for marriage advice. It is just something that is so overlooked.

Lately, I have been trying to make an effort to let my husband know what he means to me. I have just a few things that I would recommend saying to your hubs on a more regular basis.
For me, I don’t tell him these things daily, but I really try to say at least one uplifting and very loving thing a week. Obviously, I am always loving towards him, but these are things that are just a little extra. I also don’t want them to lose their meaning so I don’t want to overuse them.

// You’re my best friend.
This is something I say to Hamilton once in awhile and I absolutely love the way he reacts to it. If he’s on his phone, he will immediately put his phone down and give me a huge hug. I have found that this is something he loves to hear so much. For us, we spend so much time together, but it is easy to forget that we really are besties.

// I am so happy we met on that day (whenever you met).
Spend a little time reminiscing, but do it from your point of view. Tell him what thoughts you had about him at first. Usually, this makes us laugh so hard because the VERY first time we met, neither of us really liked each other haha. It’s fun to hear the others point of view. But use your own discretion because some people are more sensitive and may not want to hear certain things you thought.

// You are such an amazing husband, father, worker, provider (whatever you think he needs to hear at that time).
Some weeks are really rough. Hamilton will come home from work some days and just tell me about how hard it was. These are the days that I make sure to tell him uplifting things. Because he is such a hard worker and he doesn’t always think he is.

// Thank you for always supporting me.
My husband doesn’t necessarily agree with everything I think, say or do, but he always stands behind me and supports what I am doing. Obviously, if I’m doing anything super crazy he’ll let me know, but he really does support me in every way. Also be sure to recognize that your significant other may not support you in the same way as someone else’s.

// Tell him 5 things you love about him.
Whenever we get into an argument or after an argument, one of us will usually ask the other, “what do you love about me?” This really helps change the mood and help us get back to that place of love.
I would recommend doing this at other times, though, too. This shouldn’t just be a way to change the mood after a fight. This should be something you do on a regular basis. It is so important to regularly remind each other of why you love them. There are so many things that make us up as people, and it is such a nice reminder to be told those specific things.

I hope you take some of these and apply them in your life. They have really helped us uplift and make our marriage more beautiful. These things really help my husband feel loved and appreciated. If you have any others that are different, comment them down below! I would love to hear the things you all do as well.

xoxo, Jacquelyn

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