Boy Scout Island Birthday Camping

The night before my birthday (Tuesday night) we canoed out to an island that’s about a mile away from the mainland. It was a long ride there because there was a crazy amount of wind and the current was taking us in every direction EXCEPT the one we were going in…but we finally made it there and it was already dark, which wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. We brought our lanterns and flashlights, so we were set.
The very first thing we did when we got there was to walk around the whole island. Ham has been there before, but I had not, so he wanted to show me around. We didn’t think anyone else would be there on a random Tuesday night, but there was. They were super nice and they were on the opposite side, so we didn’t care.
Once we got back to our site, we set up our hammocks and the tarp (which took us a little bit of time.) Then we started the fire. We just hung out for a while and talked by the fire. We went to bed by like 10, because we’re always tired haha.
Around 1 am, the people on the other side of the island decided to go for a walk. Somehow their group of 3, turned into a group of 10…and they decided to walk by us and whistle and yell and just be super obnoxious. It was fine, though, they didn’t stick around for too long, but it still woke us both up. After we finally fell back asleep, we got woken up again at 2 am. From a crazy storm! I woke up from the light of the lightning and I think that’s what woke Ham up too…
So we were hanging in our hammocks and all the sudden it was lightning and thundering on top of us, or so it seemed. It was so scary because it was so bright it hurt our eyes and so loud it hurt our ears. Hamilton ran over to the other people’s camp to see if they were heading back to the mainland (they had an actual boat), but they weren’t. He came back and just stood under the tarp because his hammock was on the bottom and was TOTALLY soaked since it was so windy and it was pouring. Hamilton offered a prayer because we were just so scared.
Pretty much right after we prayed, the thunder was getting quieter and quieter. Thank goodness. So since Hammy’s hammock was soaked, he jumped in mine and we tried so sleep. He was up and down all night and I don’t think I slept more than an hour or two the rest of the night.
It was an adventure, that’s for dang sure.
Once we woke up we explored the island way more. The other campers were gone, so we were free to explore without disturbing anyone else. We tried to identify all the trees and found a little teeny tiny crab.
We also totally suck at getting pictures together, so I included the only one we took haha. And it describes us perfectly! I’m sitting in the canoe while he just pushes us into the ocean.
Overall, it was tons of fun, and I reeeally want to go there again (not by canoe, though.)
xoxo, Jacquelyn

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