Valentine's picks for the man in your life

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I know so many people “don’t believe” in it or don’t like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I love it. It is a day all about celebrating the love you have for each other. I know it seems silly and people say “well you should be loving and celebrating your love each day.” That is definitely true, and something Hamilton and I really aim to do, but I love having a specific holiday surrounding love.
Hamilton isn’t a huge gift giver, and that’s totally okay, but I love giving gifts. It doesn’t matter who it is, that is one of the ways I show my love for the people I know and care about.
I have some awesome gift ideas for your hubby or boyfriend or whoever you want to get these for!

// For the guy who doesn’t have a classy watch yet: Fossil Men’s Leather Watch

// For the watch lover:  6-slot Leather Watch Box

// For the book lover: The Last Juror

// For the hipster tie-wearer: Men’s Cotton Neck Tie

// For the camper: Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock (this is our absolute FAVORITE camping item)

// For the traveler: Leather Canvas Toiletry Bag

// For the one who likes challenging games that make you think: Rummikub

We already own pretty much all of these and I know Hamilton really loves them! Like John Grisham is his favorite author. I have never seen him go through a book like he went through The Last Juror, and he is NOT a reader. So, if you have a guy who kinda likes to read but doesn’t want to start, look into these books!

xoxo, Jacquelyn

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