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Marriage is such an interesting thing. Most people want to be married, they just may not want to get married as young as I did. I was engaged when I was 19 and married when I was 20. Is that young? Yes. Does that mean I can’t make real life decisions? Absolutely not. We got married almost 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I absolutely love that I got married when I did. I found the guy that I want to be with forever and the one I want to have fur babies and real babies with [eventually].

I have a two part post coming your way, and this is part one! I’ll be talking all about the perks of getting married younger. These things are different for everyone and may not apply to everyone. Each relationship is different. These are the things I experienced and after talking to others, things a lot of younger couples experience.

  1. You will have the ultimate travel buddy. I know so many people tell you that you NEED to travel alone, and that is totally great if that is what you want to do. BUT it is so awesome to have someone to share those amazing memories with. For me, I look back on all the trips we’ve taken together and those are some of my absolute favorite memories.
  2. Growing and learning together. We are able to learn new things together. We are/were both in school and we were able to study and go to college together. We were able to experience those new things together. You will have someone by your side through everything and share each aspect of your life with them. Growth is a huge part of marriage, and being young, your mind is still very open and you both can work together to figure out what works for both of you!
  3. You will gain life experience together. Things, like buying a house, buying a car, owning a pet, graduating school, getting a new job, etc., will all be shared together. You will make mistakes and learn from those mistakes together. You will also be able to bounce things off of each other. You will find yourself thinking much more and much harder before settling into a decision. You will help each other because you will each have different knowledge and different opinions to bring to the table.
  4. You will learn so much about yourself. They say not to get married until you “find” or “know” yourself. I agree to an extent. You need to know yourself decently well before really knowing someone else. On the other hand, I feel like you wouldn’t be in a position where you are comfortable enough to marry another human if you weren’t comfortable with yourself first. Living with another person will teach you so much about yourself. Things that you wouldn’t know unless you were merging lives together
  5. Speaking of merging lives, it is easier while you are young. For me, when I moved out, I was just living in student housing with random roommates. I wasn’t fully settled into my ways and I didn’t have my own place, yet. Hamilton lived with his parents still since he was in school. It was easy to move in together because neither of us really had “rules.” We had to learn each other’s habits and learn what each of us wanted specifically. For him, he wanted me to cook and clean up after the cats. For me, I wanted him to do the dishes. It was easy to come up with compromises and figure out what each of us wanted and/or needed from the other.

I will say that these things are so true for Hamilton and me. I honestly couldn’t be more happy with where we are right now, and I know that we have and will have trials. Life isn’t always easy. We had many people tell us we were way too young and that they “hoped we worked out after a few years.” Getting married young isn’t something everyone wants, but for us, it worked. We are so happy and so excited for all the amazing milestones we will hit together!

Keep an eye out for pt 2! I hope you are enjoying all these fun lil marriage posts. I love my hubby so much and we have had to go through quite a lot together. We are continually working towards becoming closer to one another and being more patient with one another.

Let me know any of your post requests!

xoxo, Jacquelyn

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