Slow Down, Enjoy Life


There are so many daily blessings and beautiful moments to enjoy. I often forget to slow down and just drink it all in. It is so easy to sprint through the day and not even notice how many good things are happening. We will all have bad days, but there is something good in each day.

Life is so crazy and we all have so much going on. There are times when we just need to take a deep breath and remember that we don’t have to be going so fast that we can’t even remember what we did that day! When I sit down to tell Hamilton how my day went, I want to be able to tell him all the good things that happened, not only the not so good things.

These are some things I do to slow things down a bit:

  1. Sit with my eyes closed for a few moments while I take some deep breaths. This really helps to clear my mind of all the jumbled thoughts. It helps me to slow down and take the day one step at a time.
  2. If it’s a really bad day I’ll do some yoga as soon as I can. This slows me down way faster and it lasts much longer. Typically if I do yoga, the rest of the day is so much more enjoyable. Yoga really teaches me to live in the moment and even just 10 minutes of it can change my mood and outlook for the rest of the day.
  3. Take some things off your to-do list for that day. I know this one probably sounds impossible to many of you. I can promise you that not every single thing has to be done in one day. Narrow your list down to what you really have to get done that day. I’m sure there are a few things that don’t have to get done right now. Try to eliminate those things from your list and scatter them throughout the week.
  4. Be present in all that you do. It is one thing to be busy, but it’s another to be present. On my most busy days, I can’t tell you the things I did. When I remember to slow down and enjoy the things I’m doing or the things I’m seeing I can tell you exactly what I did.
  5. Turn your phone off. I know, I know, this seems impossible! Trust me, though, it’s not. This honestly helps me slow down and be more present THE MOST. When I stay off my phone or any devices really, I feel so much freer. It’s weird it almost feels like I’m lighter like I don’t have as much to worry about. We are constantly on our phones. I feel the most connected to others when I forget to bring my phone or when I don’t have it on. I challenge all of you to leave your phone behind next time you go out with friends or family.

I know these things really help me to slow down and actually enjoy my days and life. There is so much to enjoy and even though we have tough days or weeks we can always find things to be grateful for. Each day is a blessing and each day is a new gift, so enjoy it!

Have a great week and try to use these tips to slow it down a little and enjoy the little things in life!

xoxo, Jacquelyn

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  1. Oh my gosh yes! I need to give myself this reminder multiple times! Especially when I was on my weight loss journey, I was so fixated on the future, the end goal of losing all that weight, that in the present, I was so miserable and so out of touch. Being present allows us to be grateful and appreciative with our body – of how it still functions, lets you walk, run, and live. I think it’s especially important to be in the moment when you’re eating a meal or hanging out with friends. I HATE it when people look at their phones when they’re eating a meal or hanging out with friends. Put that dang phone away and spend time physically, face-to-face with the people surrounding you! Thanks for sharing this important reminder! Hope you’re safe if Storm Stella hit you! xo, Steph

      1. Glad I have someone who agrees with me. Like I go to restaurants and I see a whole booth or a whole table where no one is talking and everyone is on their phones. So sad, really. Have a great day! xo, Steph

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