West Palm Beach and Jupiter Easter Weekend


Hamilton and I decided we needed a little weekend vacay. So, a couple weeks ago we decided that we would spend Easter weekend together in West Palm Beach. It was a much-needed trip full of alone time and lots of conversations. I love our talks and I love how we can spend so much time together and never get sick of one another!

Friday night after work we drove to our hotel in West Palm. We got there pretty late so we just went right to bed that night. Saturday we woke up, went to breakfast and headed to Phil Foster Park. The main event of this trip was snorkeling at Blue Heron Bridge (Phil Foster Park.) So we were a bit bummed when they closed the gate as we were pulling in…there was no more parking…

It’s funny because I don’t really plan our trips I more just outline them. I love to just pick out one or two things we want to do and then ask the locals or just drive around town and stop whenever we see something cool. We ended up headed over to Blowing Rocks Preserve and on the way, we passed the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum. We stopped by and climbed to the top and learned a lot about the Native Americans that were originally in that area and it was pretty awesome! I am definitely glad we stopped. I really love learning about the history of Florida.

Blowing Rocks Preserve was so freaking cool!!! It was so awesome because it was basically a beach of limestone ledges. As I was looking down the beach I could see the waves smashing against the rocks and spraying into the air and it was mesmerizing. Across the street, they had some nature walks too.

The only thing that stunk about this weekend was the wind! It was so windy that the beaches had the double red flags flying….meaning there was no swimming for us. Except at Blue Heron Bridge. We eventually found parking when we came back later and the water was crystal clear! It’s a beach, but there is a little wreck there and some other structures where tropical fish hang out. You can also go under the bridge. We got to see some pretty fish, a barracuda, and an octopus. Plus I couldn’t get over the color of the water! It was so beautiful and so blue! I felt like we were in the Bahamas.

This weekend was spent beach hopping, goofin off, eating good food, and making memories. I am so glad we get to have these little trips all to ourselves. I love the life we are building together and the amazing quality time we are able to spend with one another. I am living the life I always dreamed I would. My dad and I had so many plans before he passed away, and it is really awesome to think back and know that I am doing the things I said I would. I wish he could enjoy these memories with me, but I also know he is proud of the life I am living.

What adventures did you go on this weekend??

xoxo, Jacquelyn



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