35 Week Bumpdate

35 weeks! Only 5 weeks (or less) left! That’s insane to think about. I can’t wait to hold my little babe! I also can’t wait to find out if baby Birkeland is a boy or girl!! It’s so amazing to think that my body has been growing this little creature for over eight months now. I am so used to having this big belly and pretty soon it’ll turn into a little babe!

How I’m feeling:
– I’m not uncomfortable yet. I still feel good and happy with my belly.
– My belly is starting to drop! It’s getting so real, so fast!
– I am starting to get very tired again.
– I am starting to get emotional…I missed all the normal symptoms in early pregnancy; so, they decided to show up now.
– The itchy belly is starting to kick in.
– The Braxton Hicks contractions are starting to get more painful each time I have them.

Overall, I’m feeling really great. I really haven’t had much to complain about, at all. I love being pregnant and feeling this little babe move all around! It’s so crazy that the baby is about as long as baby B is going to be when baby B is born. Baby B is also somewhere around 5 pounds!

These pictures were taken when I was about 32 weeks along, by my sister-in-law (except for the last one) who is clearly an amazing photographer! Hamilton and I were lucky enough to be in Yosemite for our maternity pictures! They are so dreamy and magical and I am so in love with them! I also love the ones where we are sitting on the ground because you can see our hiking boots. If that doesn’t describe us than nothing does!

How this has affected our relationship so far:
We have grown closer and really strengthened our relationship during this process. It is wonderful being able to go through this with my best friend. Hamilton is amazing and has been so helpful with all my needs. He is always willing to rub my back or put lotion on my belly for me. We have worked on communication a lot during this process and we have elevated our relationship. Hamilton has become so tender and loving. He loves talking to my belly and taking care of me. When we were in California, Hamilton was so careful with me. He kept checking up on me during all our hikes and made sure I was getting enough water and snacks, but he also let me be my independent self. He didn’t and doesn’t ever hold me back. He makes his opinions known if he thinks I shouldn’t do something, but he doesn’t push anything on me. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better husband, partner, and companion to go through this life with.

My next baby B update will probably be after he or she is born!

xoxo, Jacquelyn Claire

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