Birth Plan for Baby B


Having a plan is important, but I am well aware that anything can happen and that I will have to be flexible with what needs to happen. I plan on having the most natural and intervention free birth I can. If there is any danger to me or the baby I’m willing to do whatever is necessary.

I have done a lot of research and have made this plan based on what I feel is best for me, my situation, and my family. Hamilton and I have discussed what we both want and what we don’t want.

My personal birth plan is as follows:

– I would like my husband, mother, and sister-in-law in the room with me.
– Quiet, dimmed room.
– No excess staff

Labor – I would like to be able to:
– move around freely
– use the shower/tub, birth ball, massage, and different breathing techniques as relaxation tools
– try various pushing techniques
– be coached when pushing as well as follow my body’s instincts
– be allowed to progress freely and have intermittent monitoring
I would like to avoid:
induction, artificial rupture of membranes, pain medication/epidural, internal monitoring, episiotomy, Cesarean section, and IV

* The baby’s health is the top priority. We are open to suggestions and the doctor’s advice as well as what is medically necessary to have the healthiest outcome for both the baby and mom. We are flexible but would like to have the most natural childbirth possible.

After Delivery:
– skin to skin with mom immediately
– delay cord clamping by 30-60 seconds, before cutting
– numb area if stitches are needed
– if the placenta is attached to my uterus please sedate me

– breastfeed, as soon as possible, and exclusively
– no bottles
– change my clothes and shower right away

Things to include:
– your name
– names of anyone in the room with you
– name of mom’s doctor
– name of baby’s doctor
– due date
– birth date
– allergies
– blood type

A few other things to be sure and work out; if you have any pets, have someone on call to take care of them, put other people in charge of calling family, have your bags packed a few weeks early, and have the car seat in the car


These are the things I would personally like to have and to avoid, while I’m giving birth. I have thought about these choices for a very long time and done a lot of research on what I want. I may end up having pain medication, but the plan is to have the most natural childbirth possible. I have made these choices after a lot of consideration and I want to have the best and most fulfilling experience I can. Each person is different and each person wants different things.

It may sound weird but I am excited to give birth. I am excited about the whole process. I am even more excited to see this precious babe and to find out the gender!! The pain, I am not excited about, but the process of actually giving birth is exciting to me.


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